CBD Supplements - How long does it take for CBD to Work?

CBD Supplements - How long does it take for CBD to Work?

CBD Supplements - How long does it take for CBD to Work?

So you’ve heard of CBD oil. You have heard that taking CBD oil can have benefits to your health. But what can it do, and how long does it take to work?

The world of nutrition is complex, which can make it difficult to find out what kind of timeline you can expect.

CBD oils are packed with health-boosting nutrients and now’s the time to find out just how soon this epic plant extract will start unloading its benefits.

Here are some quick facts to get you started:

  • Nutrients work faster or slower depending on your level of deficiency
  • Bioavailability makes a difference
  • Not all CBD products absorb at the same rate
  • Water-soluble nutrients work faster than fat-soluble nutrients
  • Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients work together in your body
  • Some nutrients are much more effective when paired with others

Different supplements absorb differently

There’s nothing simple or straightforward about how the human body works on the inside. Minerals like boron, for instance, mainly serve to boost the effects of other nutrients, and you need both iron and vitamin B12 to prevent anemia, both of which are present in CBD oil.

Nature was never intended to be picked apart by science however, so as we unveil the mysteries of nutrition, we have to proceed carefully.

CBD Concentration

It goes without saying that the amount of CBD that you are consuming will have an effect on what it does to your body. There is, at this time no research showing how the level of the dose will not affect how quickly the CBD takes to work.

It is, of course, recommended that users start off with a lower dose and build up to larger doses as you will feel an effect of especially high doses of CBD. By building up from lower doses you can find the one which is right for you.

The human body is miraculously complex

Human nutrition is a balancing act nobody fully understands; individual nutrients work with each other in synergy to manifest a holistic health boost throughout your whole body. Taking a specific nutrient on its own won’t do you much good, and certain nutrients only work well if they’re paired with other substances. Turmeric is 2000% more bioavailable when paired with piperine, for instance, and your body has trouble digesting calcium without vitamin D.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a cocktail of beneficial phytonutrients including terpenes, flavonoids  vitamins, minerals and oils all of which are beneficial to the body and when taken in combination contribute the the Entourage Effect, which is when all the various compounds work synergistically to product a potent wellness effect.

CBD effects timeline

Supplements including CBD affect everyone differently. If you’re seriously deficient in a particular essential vitamin or mineral, it could take weeks or months to fully cure your deficiency. Not all supplements are made equal, either. Lots of different are used in CBD oils and manufacturers produce CBD oils to poor standards and do not provide third-party independent lab results. There’s a golden rule you should remember going forward:

Water-soluble nutrients absorb much faster than fat-soluble nutrients

It is a question of bioavailability which we covered in our guide to whether you should take CBD oils Vs CBD capsules. Some of the nutrients you consume bind to water and absorb into your tissues rapidly. Other nutrients, however, bind to fat, which takes much longer and usually results in longer tissue retention times. Most estimates put both CBD oils and Capsules at bioavailability to be about 12-35%, with oil tinctures likely to be higher. For comparison research into ibuprofen bioavailability (which is extremely pure and water soluble) puts it at around 80% which is very high.

What this means to you is that the type of CBD product you take will have an affect on how it is absorbed by the body. For example a capsule or edible needs to be digested and broken down by the liver before entering the bloodstream which can take a few hours, whereas CBD oil drops taken sublingually (under the tongue) can take effect within 15 minutes.

That doesn't mean all of the benefits are immediately unleashed right there and then at the first time of taking it however. Yes, you may feel a sense of calm, however it may take prolonged and consistent use of CBD to experience some of the long term health benefits associated with its effects on neural receptors.

Research suggests that CBD attaches to the following receptors:

  • Serotonin receptors (anxiety, pain, etc.);
  • Vanilloid receptors (inflammation, body temperature);
  • Orphan receptors (blood pressure, bone density; and nuclear receptors (tumors, dementia).

 Which is why we have devised this CBD supplement timeline to help give you a guide to what to expect when taking CBD products.

After - 1 day

Twenty-four hours after your first CBD dose, you might start to notice the effects of the B vitamins as well as Vitamins E and K, and some of the other highly-soluble nutrients. These results, however, will disappear unless you keep taking a CBD capsule or drops 2x per day following the directions on the product.

  • Mild energy boost
  • Better sleep

After - 1 week

After a week has passed, you might start noticing an overall boost to your energy, digestion, and mood. Some of the less-bioavailable nutrients in your daily CBD doses are starting to set in, and this wellness you’re feeling will only get stronger if you maintain your routine and be consistent with your CBD intake.

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Healthy biological cycles settling in

After - 2 weeks

Two weeks into your daily CBD regimen, some of the systemic effects from CBD's nutrition-boosting properties will start to kick in. You might notice a reduction in your aches and pains, and your skin might seem healthier and more radiant. Your CBD routine is really starting to pay off, but the truly profound effects are still yet to come.

  • Healthier skin and nails. The skin has the highest amount and concentration of CB2 receptors in the body.
  • Better energy processing leads to reduced anemia and other deficiency-related conditions

After - 1 month

By the time you’ve been taking CBD for a month, you’ll have gone through a major cycle of your biological clock, and your body will get used to the nutrients you’re feeding it.

Remember that CBD contains much more than just the essential vitamins and minerals that have already been named. From flavonoids and limonene to niacin, CBD contains some of the most beneficial ingredients that are trending in natural medicine today.

  • Nutrient synergies start working together to balance your body
  • Greater alertness, health, and well-being
  • Most deficiencies cured

After - 3 months

After three months of daily supplementation, your body will be well used to CBD oils and your body will feel a lot more comfortable in your daily life. Nutrients have fully deployed through your system, and you may have reduced your risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

  • Fat-soluble vitamins and minerals have fully absorbed into your tissues
  • Your heart will be better protected by having more relaxed blood vessels and a reduction in oxidative stress

After - 1 year

You’ve now completed 12 whole months of nutritional improvement with Revivo CBD. Your overall risk of disease has dramatically decreased, you have more energy, and your psychological well-being has improved immensely. Overall, your perspective on life has changed substantially, and you’re more open to the experiences life brings. Professionally, you’re right on track, and you haven’t had this much energy in years.

  • Your body has entered a harmonious nutrient schedule thanks to repeated supplementation with Revivo CBD oils
  • Continued use of CBD will protect you from neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's
  • As long as you keep up your CBD habit, your improved health will lead to greater wellness throughout life

Vitamin and Mineral Timeline FAQ

How long does it take for vitamin B12 to work?

Vitamin B12, is found in CBD and is a water-soluble nutrient which absorbs into your tissues rapidly. However, vitamin B12 only works at peak efficiency when it’s paired with the other B vitamins; each vitamin in the B complex serves a vital role, and together, these nutrients work together in synergy.

How long does it take vitamin C to work?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient present in CBD oils, so it absorbs rapidly. If you want to reduce the intensity of a cold, you should start to notice the effects within about 24 hours. 

Experience the CBD revolution with Revivo

Revivo CBD oils are different because our Full Spectrum CBD products bundle all the nutrients from the hemp plant into one potent product. Some of these nutrients will kick in right away, and others might take weeks; all you need to do is keep taking CBD twice a day, and your body will do the rest. While taking Revivo CBD, you shouldn't however forget to keep your diet clean and healthy too.



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